Geneva Arab Week

Geneva Arab Week aims to promote Arab culture in Geneva and in Switzerland as a whole, demonstrating the key role that men and women of Arabic origin play in modern day society. This prestigious event will highlight the tremendous achievements of Arabs in Switzerland and all around the world, showcasing a diversity of incredible talents in a multitude of different arenas.

Geneva Oriental Fashion Show

A fashion catwalk show and exhibition showcasing top-of-the-range 'haute couture' as well as traditional clothing which has evolved over time into what it is today, promoting both the designers and the clothing brands.  This event succeeded to be the platform of encounter for the best emerging designers in Switzerland par Excellence.
This event will be a means of strengthening the image of Arab designers in the exclusive world of ‘haute couture’, whilst promoting a positive image of Middle Eastern fashion within the global fashion industry. 
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Arabia Awards

An event that awards the excellence that Arabs across the world have achieved in different walks of life.  It pays tribute to Arabs across the world and from different walks of life who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of success. Real success stories will be embodied by scientists, economists, sportsmen, and artists who will be invited and awarded in the Swiss diplomatic capital Geneva.


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